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Mixed-Ability Yoga, Easy?

Lex's first Friday Night Vinyasa Class.

I have humbly had the opportunity to teach many students already, I'm very grateful, Om shanti shanti shanti Om, however! When there is such a vast gap from the newcomers to the most advanced students, what can we do to keep them all happy? Well, you can't... but... you can! See it's a little complicated, how willing are you to make sure your current class is developing into your ideal class. We can't know until we get them all in there and see how the chemistry works. Personally, I know the age differences will bring different stages of awareness to the individual, which can in turn leave huge leaps in understanding one student from the next and this can cause some frustration. However, my view is going to have much more relevance. How patient is the yogi? If the Yogi is too busy considering factors out of his/her control they won't have an opportunity to remind themselves how unimportant the mixture is. Did they all arrive to do yoga? Well, what is yoga? That is another chapter altogether, but yoga in one word is UNITY. How do we develop our unity if we are at war with our neighbours? Mat fellows are instantly revealed by their interest in yoga, which means good manners, open hearts and developed sense of social grace. How badly do we want to ruin social grace? We don't. That is why our first impression of class chemistry is the most defined one, if we are trying to make the perfect selection, then you are developing an ego-yogic outlook. When teachers begin to pick and choose who they want in their class, it's because they are afraid of the challenge that lies in their path, if i teach 4 students this, another student something else, and yet another students differently to that, moving forward with a Vini-yoga outlook, we will truly be developing yoga into the marvel that it was celebrated for many thousands of years ago.

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