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Have I Become as I Intended?

Internal wisdom peeks through the keyhole into the world defined with the same pair of eyes recruited by ego to identify with it's systemically limited experience process, Aye! ~from the vague pre-conception of the world otherwise unknown to it based on condition. Long sentence? Not far from my Platonian thinking then, those sentences, long winded as they were, defined how we are -in the mind. Plato beautifully mastered dialogue! In his many dialogues was a most relevant chapter, Cratylus: the discussion of the Nature of Names. When it was that we have named a thing, we found within it the nature of it's name, to condemn the thing to the nature of the name too, was the oversight. It's a Circle! Back where we started; once we have confirmed for ourselves the names that define our exteriors, we begin to encourage that world¹. Our world begins at the same pace to create² of itself those facets based on selected definitions for it's continuity³. Therefore, through our extended integration (of the past) of the laws of the world of the mind convoluting into our (present) surroundings that we have made with the same laws we perpetuate history! And a mightily self-imposed, but illuminating world emerges. Are we creating our own karma through our minds? That is entirely dependant on your ability to vacate the mind for the period it takes to clean it up. Make sense? Otherwise we are just moving the dirt from one corner to another. Clearing the mind is the difference between living in the disastrous conditions placed upon the mind (just in the mind), or through the revolt that takes place somewhere in between (because of dissatisfaction), leaving our minds something like a post-apocalyptic setting (living in the world, that now looks like the mind), and something like witnessing spirit being to us as precious (and rare) a moment as our unique ability (and obligation by this point) to acknowledge that we have been making circles -unconsciously. In life, we might become judgemental, but that is just projection of obtained awareness. At that precise moment we are witnessing self ~undoing, and it's reflection (in company, through interaction) in the form of duality (or alone, through self-study) in the form of singularity, being identified by the ego, and owning that lesson, or re-embarking on the journey again. Namaste. ॐ

¹ To encourage/indulge/become seduced by the Prakrti as we perform karma-based action (the externalised, but natural illusion upon which we come to learn from, experience via condition & develop through toward an enlightened state of purusha, [free of condition, liberated from mind-experience]; engages into karmic action.)

² Momentum (subtle permeation of vestigial seeds of gross action which fuel deeper awareness further, intrinsic elements birthed from initial integrity of intention itself)

³ Repetition of karmic actions, gathering impactful implications that gravitate toward and evolve into maturity within the consciousness, relative to the timeframe of experiential awareness capable of acceptance/understanding.

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