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Clear Mind and Clean Body: 4 Reasons for Booking Your First Yoga Class Today

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Yoga has hit the big time in recent years, which is truly wonderful. As practitioners of yoga for more than 10 years, we understand that it is so much more than a trend to come and go like the evolution of say, fashion. Instead yoga continues eternally to offer a wealth of benefits to the body, yes, but vitally and symbiotically, the mind. For the last two years, Lex Gemini's School of Yoga (formerly Purusha Yoga) set up in Kendal, Cumbria, has been a place for people to find positivity, progression, and peace in a range of yoga classes and styles. For many yogis (yoga practitioners), following a yogic path has been transformative to their life. Here we take the opportunity to share how you too may reap the fruits from a commitment to yoga and why you should book your first class with Lex Gemini today.

Yoga Classes for Mental Well-Being

In a world that for many is whipped up into a whirlwind without the power to control it, yoga offers solace from the everyday stresses which notably affect our mental well-being. As a member of a society whose noses are pressed to the screens that seem to rule our lives, yoga classes and the consequential yogic approach to life is able to provide the space to really live and appreciate life. This space is firstly found in conscious breathing, a fundamental practice of yoga.

Yoga Classes for Improved Muscle Tone, Strength, and Flexibilty

Some people will initially approach yoga for a purely physical purpose, finding that their mind soon profits too. It is true that yoga classes offer fantastic benefits for the body and our muscles. With a range of classes differing in intensity and practice, our yoga students can decide upon the type of yoga they prefer. Though each class will ultimately strengthen the body by connecting with each of our muscle groups, classes such as the Vinyasa yoga experience will highlight our physical endurance in a sequence of flowing movements and positions.

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Yoga Classes to Unify Body, Mind, and Spirit

For an increasing number of people, the technological world in which we exist has caused disconnect within themselves. This disconnect can make way to increased anxiety since there is a constant conscious or subconscious feeling that something is missing. In the breathing, meditation, and purposeful movement done in a yoga class, we can actively find self-awareness and reunite the body, mind, and spirit. In doing so, we can reach inner peace.

Yoga Classes to Teach Focus and Concentration

As modern humans many of us are always on-the-go, take on numerous tasks in one sitting, and at the same time, become easily distracted by the things other people are doing. Yoga gives a solution to this. In every class, focus and concentration are key; on balance, breathing, movement and meditation. By mastering these skills in yoga, they can be transferred to the everyday which only serves to empower us.

To find out more about the yoga classes we deliver at Lex Gemini's School of Yoga, please take a look at our Classes page, or get in touch:

07837 223 075

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