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Mars in the 9th House is one of the lighter projections of this energy, as it governs travel and expedition, does it mean our warrior spirit becomes a bold Adventurer? Well, that depends, as all planets become retreating in nature here, its a Cadent house (reclining in nature), initiative will depend on reception from other planets or what sign our Mars is in, but there is still a lot of Angular energy in the planet harmonising in triplicity with it’s own sign as Aries rules on the cusp. What is the 9th house about really? About philosophy? Mars isn’t interested in those kinds of details unless Mars finds a way to make this literary system of referencing an ego boost that will bolster it’s agenda into the outdoors and all over the map. With diversity at the heart of their ambitions, there’s nothing like getting on a plane or rocket, to seek out their desire for expansion. This Mars will head a canoe, one leg up on the bow ready & willing with a native of foreign lands in search of some nook on the Earth previously undiscovered. Mars wants to seize those artefacts, cast it’s broad scope over business ventures that will bring it closer to lost or old knowledge than anyone has ever gotten. Heard of blood diamonds? That's a mercenary's area right? This kind of Mars is the best kind of Mercenary. Though it’s quite superficial, the intention is brave and daring, our Indiana Jones will bring you the lost ark, and maybe tell the tale of his exploits to grandkids someday. The legends will be bloody, stories about falling from ropes holstered by private choppers, the feeling of hanging by a thread, and lands forbidden to travelers where humans occupy the bottom of the food chain, where snakes, & panthers rule despite human interference, where frogs with colours of the rainbow hop in armies through the jungles of uncertainty into natural infinity pools dawning the peach & purple cotton skies at dusk. The Wilds. Mars in 9th is very comfortable, Natives bearing tribal marks draw into familiar interactions for this Warrior, customs are drawn to their nature through experience. Submerging themselves into a touchdown with raw survival as they span the globe, living from the land, making offerings at shrines, accepting gifts from indiginous chieftains, making fires (sometimes not good ones), sleeping on the soil under the stars listening to sounds of the open, inslands, seas, out in the mountains. Mars in 9th wants to explore, a higher calling that requires cultural awareness and rooting out the truth behind the world’s differences. Mars wants to adapt and grow to the environment, to escape from it and return with it, to move constantly, through this fascination with other worlds. Mars in the 9th house becomes a bit of everywhere they visit, learning languages and appreciating different cuisines, a true citizen of the world, often having more than one passport, one residence and doing business in many countries, however, their egos are always at the centre of their agenda, gaining ground promotes their business dealings to further their enterprising ability, their key principles are dynamic and involve regular travel, but also a dangerous walk on the edge. By the time their skills at integrating man with species and life reach the zenith of their wondrous spirit they peak at surveyance on every port, bay, ridge & base that supports their findings, galleries, fisuries, their inquisitive and fearless nature has lead them to discoveries at every corner of existence bringing them a respectable wisdom through sheer experience and have much to offer in terms of physical feats that border on mans primal beginnings, knowing themselves deeply on their quest for truth allows them to offer the same in return to those they meet. In Yoga, Mars in 9th will have a foundation of difference, that is unchallenged, and offers valuable insights into lost ritualistic practice, having walked the trials of fire to appease their temperament they attain respect for their present and inspiring spontaneity which unlocks many fortunes in knowledge held by the highest of guru’s in any age, with them, their instruction will teach of pre-practice as much as a life of practice, as they are adorned with much magical providence which serves them on the higher plane as a teacher and as a master guru, Mars in 9th finally attains his spiritual rites to offer up what has been learnt. Namaste.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 9th House

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