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Dearest Mars who art in the 8th House, hallowed be thy actions, thine kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in hell, think i’m joking? Did you watch the Keanu Reeves flick, Constantine? Well, here stands our flavoursome friend in a white collar, connected to all the baddies, knows all their names, and how to find what he’s looking for -in those black cats. Smokes his cigarettes and readies for a path to the pit. Here, Mars in the 8th house, our Warrior tangled in the thorns of his commitments, broken promises, deviousness, but knows his power and cuts through them. Even more grow around him, gardens he visits cut at his ankles, those vines follow with smiles from the corner of his eyes have a message to the demons and an evil grin until he looks up, no face looked more serene. The world is a decaying lie, blossoming with carcasses of disloyalty. I retaliate to your cause of injustice with sheer defiance, and the guilty hearts of every friend puffing with ammonia and conceit be my family and my advisors, but I know the world, and I have come prepared. Cloaked in the purifier, the poison of Antares upon my blade. “I am immune to your terror, o black death!" he continues... "...O whispers of suffering by the night know I am deep within your catacombs of screaming anguish, wearing your false lies & hatred as my nightgown, I bathe in your horrors, faceless mire! I... am your nightmare...” Says the warrior of battles to the 8th house of the hidden. “Caress me with your secrets, divulge to me your schemes to the prize, fancy me with your seductive eyes, for I bear your heart upon my blade o shadows between the crumbling darkness, My own fortification is none other than the initiation long before your aftermath, for I. AM. YOU. I am the first, the Alpha, here pinned by my own madness I have recollected the throne of my misery by way of action itself into the mess you have cradled throughout time, I will fight. I will -not bow. I am the foul you have unleashed from the crimson of my own ignorance and bled that vitality into your corner and stand here thus, fortified by understanding. I see now the vow of my cause, and the cause of my vow and persecuted by this villainy I am so disposed to conclude an end, alas, no end to me, for I am the beginning, the Alpha, and upon my throne too came mystery and mysticism, for I have learned the darkness and here at it’s avail am I sublime in its presence. Exit O Lord of the cast Psyche, and bow to me, lest I turn upon you your own evil and infringe upon you that silent pain you cannot ignore but stoke forevermore as the new status quo. I am you... in the future, in the now contained as the silhouette of time between two forces driven to the same core, the same centre, the same Stillness. We are the same. Vortex upon ourselves, the standoff at the clash of seismic universes merging as a result of profound retrograde. Mourn for us both then O ill of ills, for I am your maker and I have thus primed you to the very end, mourn for us, as we absolve our difference in this sameness.” My goodness.. Mars in 8th is the karmic wheel returning to it’s seed, returning to manifest once again, through familiar contexts, sex, survival, secrets, actions -ignorance. This placement is reverently discreet about its corruption and complicatedness, it’s pulsating with conspiracy and aggravated emotions, defiant in it’s own stance at a perilous end, makes this Mars the most powerful Mars, precisely the aculeus of intent disintegrating it’s targets and mercilessly forging at the hot pits of turmoil the marred desire to be, true to it's nature. Here Mars in 8th has come upon themselves, the Boss, the final fight that will tear them into obscurity or filet him with irony. For this placement is the full circle in it’s karmic realisation, and the epiphany is more a gut churning sequel to the end of the world whereby the world is remade to end again. Where the principle of what goes around comes around applies with distinction. Mars/Aries/8th is as impressive as it is scary, and results gifts the Yogi with this placement an inimical rite to your livelihood -if you come upon him. For he will teach you the way to exit the wheel, liberation, Nirvana. The surface of this modern day Instayoga is of no interest or concern to Mars in 8th, as he has the siddhis bestowed by consciousness, and is no doubt the last you will see of him. My advice is that you learn from them what they will teach, whether or not you like it, because it is your destiny. Namaste.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 8th House

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