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Mars in the 7th House is a debilitation by placement, it’s natives are very quick to align into partnership which isn’t a positive approach for Mars, since it puts the power into the hands of others. Mars is the action hero, imagine Superman passing the buck, Lol, Mars wants those relationships to carry out the action. One defining factor about this type of Mars is it’s need to argue points and approaches, but won’t carry out the tasks themselves. Mars in ancient times was noted as debilitated in the house of Venus, as she rules over the setting sky in this instance, and follows the Sun beautifully leaving behind a glow of softness, giving this relationship house a subtle hue of love, letting others find harmony and balance in all dealings with them, with Mars here, we are taking the initiative-driven & masculine feature of the War-Lord and telling him to dictate contractual meetings, while given to his explosive nature he’s more likely to pressurise and disharmonise atmospheres under the circumstances where calm and reserve might be more adequate. Mars is not likely to back down from signatory meetings in as far as he is likely to sign based on some aspect of the documentation being discordant with his own views, so things have to go his way, even though he’s expecting the influence and power of these other co-operational forces to go along with and in fact execute his own plans and ideals, there often isn’t much room for Martian ego and the satisfaction of social peace at the same time. Unlike Mars in fall, Mars here has a penchant for dropping their colleagues and their standing in the proverbial shit and executing an inferior plan to his own detriment. Hence, Mars in detriment will pompously or rambunctiously press his agenda and if others are of weaker character they might go along with the declining form, but in another more sobre setting, contractually, or in partnerships of any kind, Mars is likely to be separated from his pending deal for the greater good of the more consistent partners and can outcast Mars, sometimes even worse, fire/detain/arrest/cut-off and even incarcerate or at the very least be presented to trials and court hearings. Now, Mars in 7th, don’t despair, there are two truths to your detrimental placement: learn to meditate on the actions that relegate others, and learn to distance yourself from a deal that doesn’t on first presentation catre to your desires until you have hitherto realised the forces behind your own journey asking for a little more of the pie than is deserved based on a multiple/board decision. This placement is guys, the hardest one, but in general can be countered by taking a hard look at the depth of your own soul, and for what purpose one has landed their destiny in this house, and by whatever means of resolution can one do to re-establish and restore the connections you so deeply wish to have in your life. When this phase of realisation is firm within the consciousness one such Mars in 7th begins to heal through relationships and find peace that begins to action solidarity and comradery that is founded in the diligence to corporate and be there for your fellows, colleagues and associates of the realm of law and order, contracts and unions, for them will the most divine of relationships begin to flourish under actions of intuitive relationships. In Yoga, the Mars in 7th is a one-on-one you will never forget, a beautiful soul that has lost so many close relationships due to misunderstandings and lack of personal integration that they are now ready, my friends, ready to be there for you With you, until you are truly happy within yourself. Namaste.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 7th House

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