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The Fixed House, Succeeded because the Sun is hot after a turn at the Tropic, giving the 5th a reputation for Passion if not Play. Mars the courtier, in the 5th house gets excited, get’s feisty, gets in. Mars is naturally hot, and dry, and the 5th house is like a desert, where Oases dot the sandy canvas like a halfway house lit up with lights day and night on a road between two distant points -memories. And the pickings are plentiful. Mars, our instinctual Warrior starts to ooze with lust, it’s been a long and lonely walk, and the revelation has but passed into almost forgotten years, leading up to a new brink of self-expression, but also self-realisation. Here, in the 5th house, Mars begins to weigh in on his creative energy, I create, I will it, therefore I can, but what will I? And what can I create? Are some of the first of challenges on this illustrious path. This world is where Mars plays-out of his own creative juices like experiments -learning to enjoy. To appreciate life again. There is no limit to the heat in his playful exuberance. The Playboy has arrived at his palace of splendour, and in that palace, many a cup or a golden chalice. Mars wants these smiles, those hugs, that body, these dripping hot, sweaty… you get the picture. Mars has a reservoir of colourful emotions, like an ocean beneath all those dunes of systemic awareness, like hundreds of past lives that shook the heart and made it break, shatter, swell with joy, but over and over again the lessons taught to feel, and teach them to collect themselves and merge with the light of divinity, to bask in the Sun while the Sun is out, to become welcomed like a prince set upon with fine silks with golden accessories and to be hailed in a kingdom of leisure and games, a kingdom of love, -not war. This Mars in 5th, is the quintessential libertine, the merciful royal, the bombastic entertainer, invites all to their house of fun, to enjoy and to indulge, but beware this Mars has a hot temper, a fierce territorial pride that they’ve earnt, and a friendly challenge is as good as a direct opposition. Mars in 5th has vague, but deep memories he knows are the driving force behind his dramatic display of theater, when in the moment of competition, now-now, I mean friendly ‘provocations’… Mars in 5th is too sensitive to be undermined and can be a mean adversary, not in private or out in public, his performances are heartfelt and meaningful to him, regardless of talent, or training, because to feel and celebrate life for its own sake are the keys to his new-found happiness in the 5th house. Mars in the 5th house is an excellent leader, guardian of your happiness, when in his presence you are doted on and made light, empowered even. This placement is distinctive of it’s generosity with inspiration and makes a well-rounded yoga instructor, opening the spectrum to bountiful experiences with meditation, nidra, asana & pranayama, for the dharma is long and vitality is spritely, as an instructor a Mars in the 5th house is always incorporating fun, beautiful music and indicative of a destiny that lifts others from their despair and hardship, toward joy.

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