The Tropical sign of Cancer rules the 4th house, and the Cardinal point we call the Imum Coeli, through what is now a hot & moist house as Aries governs the cusp, Mars is also in ruin, so there’s an unusually aggressive and maternal figure to lace this heritage site with. One question: how does an emotional and war-torn man holding a weapon get along in his mothers’ kitchen? Yuh, this is that story: “...I swore he was just over my right shoulder… we saw the same thing, we were deafened by the same noise, flattening explosions, we were carrying the same burdens, we aimed at the same enemy… until i looked back, and just like that, my turn in the haze of smoke and stilled molecules of nationalist hatred, a fuzz of anxiety and cortisol filled my tears with the gravest of acknowledgments, that i am alone… that my family are the pieces & embers of my day flitting through the crosshair of my MP5 while I scouted through the ash & brokenness to find my fellows, silencing my enemies only out of heartbreak… but to find my fellows… my friends… my family…” Mars in 4th is a familiar syndrome, those returned from far away have come to rest. With them, all they bring are memories, and all those memories are of a better time, with those next to them, comrades. They are the line, the border, the patriots that stand for patriotism and they are personable, they are the only ones that would fight for that line to remain. They are, it seems sometimes like the only ones left, to care for the names and faces of those that came before, and those that will come again. Mars in 4th are the awareness of life, that courses through us pulsating with the thickness of purpose. Their blood runs like the river to all us fools, and our veins press the banks of every pasture and carry nourishment to it’s great waters, where we become the oceans of love, embracing the expanse, caressing the sturdy rock that holds up our planes of earthen treasure. Mars in 4th becomes the enemy that takes the corruption, and swallows it, to shield their families and the families of their enemies from the sickness of greed and rage. Mars here is the soldier that returns sleepless to their countrymen wild with horrors beyond words. “I am all that’s left, and you might understand me, but my defensive qualities follow me, and my keenness to rally my fists and my knife call to the new authorities in blue with badges to incarcerate me, because you don’t know my struggle, because you will never fully know me, because I am truly your protector, and it means my silence is your victory, because I carry the burden of all actions, and they weigh heavy on my Soul…” Also known as Mars in ruin, These natives struggle with the narrative of marred self-expression, they want to give more than they do, they want to take more than they give, and when they are realised it hurts them, so they are in a perpetual cycle of pain and suffering which becomes the beacon of their strength, and the lighthouse for others who’s journey’s have beset with transgression and turmoil, making them some of the most compassionate instructors in the world of yoga. Mars in 4th’s rise to peacefulness is comparative with the lotus flower having undertaken the ascension to the surface through the mud and gloomy cold, but as a lotus blossoms, the colour is always immaculate and the glow is always bright and warm.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 4th House