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The 3rd House, where our siblings, our neighbourhoods and our school scene take root in the land of Quipp. Ahem.. Now stick GOD OF WAR in there... Hehe, Of course, Mars gets a bad rep in here, but let’s think about it longer than a Mars in 3rd would :D Mars rules action, and the 3rd House is where it finds its way to the press, on the news, and advertisements for everyone to see. Siblings would feature as either masculine in approach or a single highly competitive onslaught of individual, could be a martian brother, or, in an only-child setting reveals the blade hiding in academics & -arguments. So Mars-3rd likes a little verbal one-on-one, testing their mental-fat, or they simply accost any member of the locality, perhaps even all at the same time, don’t forget Mr.Army-of-one won’t surrender their extraordinary, yet newly acquired literary skills and become the target of #&$! Before they’ve entrenched their victims of the silver-tongue sorcery in a list of dapper insults to make the college papers!! OHHH MY, I am here to riddle your ears and INDEED your brothers and sisters with prime cuts of crass/cuss factory specials. Get in line b-&*$%!! Mmmm, what a mouthful, don’t you lurrv it!? Here friends, is the gift of the gab, and cutthroat Crass-orator in the making. Mars in 3rd makes school a breeze, for the kind of environment these new millennials got going on, texts/tweets/insta’s-snaps-r-us, so fast, the lightning bolt moment no longer exists, you heard the rant, you heard the sobbs, but before you realised the pointed scribble-ninja fire out stars of maiming accuracy, you saw those dignities fall. I present to you, every word-smiths nemesis, the one, the only, master of come-backs, tyrant of tongue snaps, a formidable connecto-wordo...

-The Daggermouth. Tongue like a serpent, with facial expressions to match the mayhem, ladies and gentlemen, proud by design, egomaniac-rapper-tapper-jokes-that-stoke-fires-kinda-flapper. e-Nuff said. Mars in 3rd likes to skim the surface, and if you find out, you could be next, so steer clear if you’d prefer a peaceful day. In presented speech as well as conversation cut-offs are common. Mars in 3rd without afflictions is a fast speaker, a concise and to the point person, they dress up speech to suit their operations and make excellent sales people. As company, be prepared to hear a lot of cutting gossip and cold profanity, they have no problem experimenting with their vocal chords, their support for you might come across a little sharper than you're used to, and contains the toxicity you could do without in your day while telling you how you should go about it. To bring our Mars-3rd friends to the high table, they’ve got lightning fast reception skills, their content is precise and offers a multitude of examples to suit their audience however light the minute notes might be, they don’t run out of things to say about a subject that has their backing, when on your team, this individual has already signed the papers and brought them to your house after taking 2 trains, 2 planes and 2 automobiles, before convincing you what the next path in the strategy should be in order to… before you’ve had your morning coffee. In Yoga, when the mind is clear, and the spirit breathes consciously through this colour of energy, the being behind the native quality is well-aware of defective modes in thinking and methods of meditating, because they have tried many forms before settling on what works and failed a great many times to know how to do so proficiently, not just for themselves, but for others too and therefore hold a variety of approaches to a unique practice that Vinny-yoga itself would likely adopt. Yoga performance is about retention of steps and methods, with Mars in 3rd the resistance to repeat old patterns is quite resolved which makes the sadhaka's knowledge acute in many virtues, which must have needed acceptance before applying to teach the subject which gathers so many for the sake of self-evolution & stillness.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 3rd House

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