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Our war hero is at odds with this house, almost as if he’d done everything in the 1st house, and saved nothing for the 2nd, yet, Mars still wants what he wants, only his priorities have changed and the things that mattered then don’t matter here. So without further ado; Mars in 2nd House is about having, securing and gaining through badly-timed action, however, it’s not so simple. The general mode of this house must flow with the season and Mars rules early spring, early bird catches the worm? So telling Mars that he can’t have what’s now unavailable, isn’t part of his programming, saying ‘wait’ is as bad as saying ‘No!’. So let’s take a look at a few fundamental characteristics of this 2nd house energy, where Mars will now endeavour through his exploits to gain ground and generate -income, sensory stimulation, as well as the sensational appetite for ...well, everything. Venus rules this house, and her mode of operations in this house is about luxury, she fills this house with beautifully ostentatious and ornate themes that attract awe --and candour-- from their onlookers, usually the newly informed and utterly enchanted bunch that must highlight every nook and cranny in the visual spree, toting the Venus persons’ impressum of wonderful goodies, yes, suggesting a temporal, purposefully prudent taste for the sake of pizzazz, but also because she can and does -buy well. Mars will buy on impulse, buy for the sake of right now, buy because it’s fun, buy because it’s there and buy because there’s money, which obviously buys things. Mars’ taste in the 2nd house is quick and deadly, because there isn’t any thought attached to the buying mechanise within them, it’s like approaching gains with the same mind-set as approaching war, buy it first, buy it before he does, buy it because buying it means I will have it despite not needing it which further proves how quick I am, but actually, Mars-2nd House natives often dissipate their money just as fast they earn it, there is a distinct lack of grace or creativity when it comes to owning anything, it’s merely for the moment, being in the present and presenting what is within their grasp to prove that they have money at all. Now if this is their approach to money, take a look at the approach to personal values, which might shock some. That saying about once bitten, twice shy… No, really doesn’t apply here, because Mars in the 2nd can get bitten regularly, and as a result becomes the master of crafty money-schemes, and also deliberately moves money around in a market that guarantees frequent change, which make for great stock investors. No attachments to money itself other than the fact that it moves, often, always, and if it’s getting bigger, then keep moving it around, because nothing is more well deserved than a bunch of a thing that makes more, the more you move it around. This low energy depiction also depends on many factors within the chart. Mars here is debilitated, which means money and impulsive aren’t two words you want to put together. If we could though, integrate the quick decision-making & fearless ethic that substantiates their approach to value in something like yoga, we have a tentative and resourceful opportunist, which has a consistently fresh approach to posture and alignment. In Yoga, one is seeking the truth, and the passage to openness throughout their lives, not just their body’s and mind’s, though that is the starting point, this type of instructor is capable of operations that will build the foundation within the fraction of time that it would otherwise take giving them a firm awareness of mistakes and misconceptions due to their expansive experience with physical corrections, and therefore offers the insightful study masterfully to restorative classes and athletes bar-none, to those that need it quickly.

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