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When a planet influences the 1st house, you’re going to see it -on the person. Loud and clear and there is no mistaking it’s officiality. When it’s Mars, you will see the action before you realise the person, it’s not that it’s separate from them, it’s their very skin, hair & nails are in the making. “I just got it done,” “Oh, I just came back from there” “Really? WOW, because i’m going there now!” But Mars is dignified here, so, Mars knows where to put that energy, that in-your-face vibe. Mars is quite combative in the 1st house, and that’s ok, if you know one of these guys, you should ask them: “Does your survival depend on it?” And don’t be surprised at the snap-response, afterall, they don’t retract their responses, they do it instinctually, it might even teach a few lessons of self-reliance and self-motivation. Everything about this Martian house is initiative-orientated, 1st steps, the beginning, that notorious get GO! But what does Mars need to achieve here? And how do the tools found in the sign carry through so positively when in the 1st house? It all comes down to timing with this Planet, and in the 1st house, the timing is uncanny, because it is of itself the very essence of the present. Mars is the accelerator when it comes to projects, so this kind of Mars is going to do things at the right time, usually immediately. Mars is going to be first, it won’t be because Mars trained or because Mars just studied longer, it’s because Mars wants the answer first, and it’s in its nature to get in accordance with its own mojo, and present specimen 1 or project X before the bookworms of the subject. Mars in the 1st house might understand how much of an undertaking things are, and in this case the position depicts the very boon of the placement. They will persevere and dedicate themselves without half measures to the cause, because desire nature is very much a theme of the planet Mars, aside from being a fire element, dry and active, it’s also a penetrative energy, meaning that it’s inherent purpose cannot be debunked by the object of its desire. On the journey to mastery, Mars learns about priority, immediate reactions, consequences, which teach the energy from an early age to generate or produce works earlier than necessary and effectively in order to get ahead. However, when we elevate this hot energy to a state of peacefulness, from rajasic and masculine, proaction, into sattvic and neutral, acceptance, the placement produces yogis with most impressive asana forms, mastering poses that cultivate their energy and teach them to produce ojas in the body without defaulting habits or wastefulness. The Mars in 1st house yoga practitioner is a pioneer in yogic ritual and is adept in the field of endurance and control, giving them a basic and well-founded understanding of asana-forms to instruct others towards.

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Mars in 1st House

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