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We have arrived at the final stop, the Feminine, Cadent, bicorporeal & oriental house of Pisces. Where our Martian warrior enters into a dreamy world of subjectivity and procrastination, or receptivity and quiescence. The stellar nursery of colourful whimsey, a tenure of sparkling visuals dispersed or cluttered based on projection, once seen, another unseen, the house of mystery, cosmic unfoldment. An infinite depth. Here our Hero is likely to dream his actions, rather than act on them, as the subconscious mind has become available by substitution, or in conjunction with, rendering our rather bold and ardent action hero a mere daydreamer. His initiative has taken a backseat, drawn the rough and rugged into the soft waters of kindly paralysis, turning them into an observer. But why? To experience all life within the seemingly infinite sway of time and space. Frustrations draw into an unexpected haze of ideals that unmanifest nurture instead a fateful desperation to experience the quantified memory of a direct and finite state - they are unravelling. A sense of “Why can’t I?” “If i engage here why doesn’t it…?” Actions are unmade, and a new dawn will come, I say to you, but patience is the guiding light. This place is the result and creation of our evolution, and this presents a challenge to others more than with the Mars in 12th person, as their watery world of the active imagination is a screen for wide expression of mental and emotional realisation, not a position of expectancy. It’s natural to feel more than most, react more than is necessary and become the example in this house, as all our karmas are finally matured to their last potency, delivering us to a new exchange of energy that employs the generative quality of active consciousness to manifest a form of consideration and tolerance that we feel otherwise helpless to achieve, to unhook previous malignancies in order to practice the truth before experiencing it wakefully when our Hero opens his eyes beautifully into the first house in the future. Therefore this house offers the resource of trial before error, trial before actuality, a place to safely take upon us the last of our debts and commence the early stages of our intended dreams. This is the universal playground where we finalise with the universal equal, an unfathomable construct of the psyche that begins to sew a new seed of initiative that will be both gainfully present and consciously authentic, if not to repeat our past mistakes in the coming journey. This Martian native is preparing for a new mercifully present, but altruistic integration into the circle -through acceptance, or the native is resolving its past and dissolving into the divine -you have the power to choose. It is upto the internal awareness of this type of Mars to meditate upon its gift of consciousness or to propel itself by way of intention again into its chosen mode of conduct. This placement is highly illusive and vaguely pronounced, even by astrology, where the term, the “tao that can be described is not the real tao” find it’s respectful ordinance, making it by far the most nebulous of positions for this very physical and bound planet, offering powers of patience, and promoting peacefulness once fully comprehended as a cycle of renewal and complete recovery/regeneration/redemption ensues. Upon understanding the variation of this attribute as a closing down or preparative response to life and death the one who becomes a yogi knows to teach the deepest of subtle energies with a marked insight into the steps required for illumination of the spirit to emanate through ones being in any sort of lifestyle, their own customs and habits have drawn them to relinquish all false states of being and by choice have moved into the light of the vidya. Namaste. 🧘🙏ॐ

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 12th House

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