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Mars/Aries/11th tells us about everyone else more than it tells us about the placement, which if you work it out is easy to figue once you know who Mars is hanging out with. Did I lose you? Might have lost myself there for a second, no, it’s just the Mars in 11th thing, they lose themselves all the time in other people’s company, but there is a practical purpose to these natives, which you shall soon find out. Mars in 11th is a fast friend, they have the same intentions you have, a bit awkward right? No, the nature of the house is Aquarian, after all, making friends is who they are. The 11th house is the network arena, the group affair, and also children, everyone’s children, a world of children, this house is where everyone comes together and appreciates the connectivity engaging with them and there would be none other than the Mars in 11th to be front and centre of that affair, somehow everyone enjoys Mars in 11th company, because they mimic their surroundings and happen to gather friends of a creative nature into their midst, so there’s something in them for everyone else. Often a Mars in 11th can be mistaken for whatever the Mars placement is in the other person/people, simply because they are so adaptable, but they are not push-overs, they simply have arrived to give you something you are looking for at this stage. Mars is a warrior, and a feisty Mars such as this has a deep wish for mutual reception, somehow this mars is able to project it’s own hopes and dreams onto others and find the heart of their desire in an almost-identical other, offering them what they innately have of their own, someone to match them, challenge them, compete and encourage them. It gives this placement a rich quality which impresses upon others their very own natures and qualities, that profoundly similar person that can manifest what you can at a moments notice for the sake of progression beyond some limitation in the psyche, inferring that they are in ego and action your splitting image. Its a position that denotes familiarity and common ground quickly, as if the interaction or meetings between anyone is somehow fated/destined and also appreciated timeously and to the benefit of all parties. Mars in 11th has some kind of angelic feel to them, as if they have a mission to assist you with, which can project you into your desired area of interest. Befriending these natives is easy, and often occurs when the time is ripe for an externalised projection of your own awareness that needs confirmation and thus connotes a momentous serendipity that blesses the friend with the very thing they need in order to make headway. There are many of these integrations in the life of a Mars in 11th, and through them growth and understanding is attained. When a Mars in 11th takes up a teaching post, their teachings are liberal and contemporary, dealing with the group quite lightly and with all the verve of their students put together, giving this type of yoga class a reputation for large numbers and friendly atmosphere. Namaste.

Western Wheel
Astrological 1st House

Mars in 11th House

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