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Mars in the 10th house is where Mars culminates, at the Zenith of the sky, Where the Sun would be often seen in mid-day. Mars is exalted at this Saturn-ruled position, where feats climax to their highest form and the Martian quality is exonerated as an Authority in the chosen field of endeavour. When Mars in 10th Speaks, their actions aren’t far behind, but being taken seriously is no trouble at all, Mars is finally at his most welcomed seat, and everyone is watching. Mars rules the male physique and also masculine activity, but in a female chart Mars represents the type of Man most appreciated. In the 10th house, Mars is on display, and depending on the receptivity of other planets we can see how the performance will affect others. In General, This is a home-coming event that Mars enjoys as the valour, bravery, strength & determination of the planet are seen here being exemplified. Mars in 10th, The veteran commander behind the podium, or the calm and collected olympian, when one is so honored in life with a placement such as this, there is a definitive reason behind it, Mars is well behaved having earnt his position he takes it up gloriously in performance and demonstration, and is conservative about it, taking their admiration modestly and with humility. Mars in 10th is adequate and dominant, without being overbearing or arrogant, it’s a sleek cut for this sign & planet, bringing them consistent praise and often many suitors bearing gifts. How to design your life as a Mars in 10th requires public appeal, they have to, and do work long and hard to impress the status quo, as they win the appreciation of the elderly, members of the establishment and in general are respectable individuals having learned to also respect their elders as children. What delivers Mars to their careers or vocations so easily is their readiness to undergo whatever it takes, they are well-disciplined and reliable which didn’t come by chance, they are often minimalists which encourages their strengths and development of character early on, making them incredibly resourceful and dependable with authorities. Mars in 10th by design is as focussed as they get, being patient in this age is a wonderful attribute especially in a practice like yoga, these natives are the proof in the pudding so to speak, they have a finite approach that is as good with the many as it is with one, are direct, but courteous and are often noted as being candid about their achievements, mature in approach as well as action, These natives become excellent public speakers on the subject of Yoga, drawing attention to their standing and their poise in the public eye, they are welcoming teachers pay close attention to limitations of all kinds, they are firm and realistic about the goals of others, making yoga a practice that everyone can finally yield from when they put in the work. Namaste.

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Mars in 10th House

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