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Mars in Aries. This slender native is quick, energetic and impatient, it makes sense as the vernal equinox has thus primed and Spring has sprung, all the forrest is at sex, growth and newness. Therefore Mars in Aries has the most direct way of meeting it’s principal quality, Forward. Imagine that Mars functions as the starter of any machine, while some of key positions within a machine are certainly Aries-ruled, movement to animate the tool or vehicle becomes the cornerstone of Martian capability. Causes that propagate the conscious actions to form forward movement will be the key to Mars in Aries’ fortune. This predisposition of Mars doesn’t sway or linger, once action is set in motion, dealing with consequences is secondary and also, not always the jurisdiction of Mars/Aries as it entirely depends on aspects supporting the argument; in other words, once the key has turned on the machine, the engine is running until you shut it down. In terms of the human being, Mars in Aries will give a healthy form, and youthful features which age well, in terms of the verve of this native there will always be an instinctual grip on reality concerning survival, with features of a warrior, and fingers curled somewhat on a body that slants as if to take up a running, striking or attacking motion, longer fingers, clean cuticles, nails ready to slice their prey in an instant, but this isn’t the dark ages, of course, we’re ahead of the curve as a species on this planet where board-rooms and privacy-windows manicure offices in high-rising buildings far and wide welcoming the enduring spirit of the war-corporate executive who will push the agenda of the status-quo in much the same way a soldier would force their way through resistance into the heart of the enemy. Sun Tsu’s Art of War is a great example for pocket-knowledge in the hands of a Mars-Aries type, as the strategies and dialogues are synonymous with their natural ability and receptively keen skills of battle. Now, all that’s just...fantastic, but not necessarily what this Martian energy is for, to use an example layed out in the Sutras of Patanjali which explain that a knife cuts, pure and simple, if you cut fruit, or cut a throat it shouldn’t give the knife bad press, since the cut is what we’re after. Mars, the Knife, displays our fundamental root cause, yes, why were we caused? Mars-Aries carries the candle, for the parents who have disembarked where some lack hindered further development into the psyche as it came upon finite limitations in will or perception, so in due course, welcoming the newborn Mars-Arian would take that residual action-based karma into their new journey forever. It can be found that parents cast the dynamic right onto their much beloved off-spring rather ignorantly/innocently, through the polite externalisation of their own-unmanifested dreams, which would carve in this case a clear and blazing trail from conception to the head-strong, hard-willed and ungovernable Mars in Aries. Irreconcilable and fervently seaking to cop that future before tomorrow turns its nasty head into a strenuous, lugging and quite Saturnian chore. The Mars-Aries Archetype is the perfect scapegoat for unfulfillment, the rattling toy in the cot playing with your would-be screeching baby had it not have been for the measly £1 left in the corner of your purse -is your saving grace. Mars-Aries are likely to be born to hard-working, if not lucked-out individuals which have to scrape their pennies together to manage over-extension. The result is a wish born of impetus, where it ironically shows up as the baby joins us. Therefore, it is said a blessing, to it’s propitious parents, those poor chaps, they had it in them all along, the timely representation of the drive they sought to have in themselves, here to honor them in person. Its also a lovely awakening, and an incredible show of universal conspiracy, making Mars-Aries the single most anticipated offering of consciousness to embrace a human-body, and it does, Fashion is Aries ruled too. ॐ

Mars in Aries



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