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Anandasura Yoga offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted and even affiliated with programmes in support of the yogic cause, which aide to frequent the practice, understanding and lifestyle of yoga. By engaging in healthy habits during our daily function, like exercise, philosophical development, healthy eating, and a range of other routines and rituals, the aspirant grows to welcome the value of their space and peace, finally mastery over the Indriyas (Senses) and a consistent preservation of harmony around them. Anandasura invites everyone to be a part of the ever unfolding cosmos set on learning and realisation of spiritual potential. Namaste 

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Prestwick Tennis is equipped with large spaces for Tennis, small spaces for class-based yoga and other routines as well as specialised spaces like the gym and bistro. Prestwick Tennis Centre offers an array of classes which function routinely for athletes and enthusiasts alike, though a membership will be required, and whether your interests are Gym, Tennis or Yoga, all memberships are adapted to suit your needs.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 12.56.28 PM.png is wonderful a Hindu calendar among other things. Drik system, is a system of astronomical computations followed by several traditional astronomers, astrologers and almanac makers in India. Panchang is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, and presents important dates and their calculations in a tabulated form. This site offers users the important dates which contribute to religious rites dedicated to conscious living, Anandasura uses this site to stay in tune with the Purnima (Full Moon), Ekadashi (the 11th day) & Amavasya (New Moon) vrats ("vow, resolve, devotion",) and refers to the practice of austerity, particularly in matters related to foods and drinks as part of a pious observance or prayers seeking health, fertility, long life or happiness. 


Yogapedia is the world’s most comprehensive yoga encyclopedia and the fastest-growing online platform for the yoga community.

We believe that the wisdom and teachings of India offer extraordinary solutions for navigating today’s most critical issues. Using cutting-edge media tools, Yogapedia supports and champions those who are seeking to boost their physical and mental health, as well as those drawn to “awaken” and become more conscious of their innate power and connectedness. Our aim is to make these revitalizing teachings and techniques more accessible to a global audience.

Since ancient times, yogis gathered together to have “satsang“ to study the teachings of yoga. Yogapedia offers a meeting place for this global community, with modern yoga scholars, teachers, trailblazers, influencers and experts in the field to guide us and support us in learning ways to incorporate and assimilate these teachings.

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Bhaktivedanta Vedabase or is the cradle of spiritual knowledge, the foundation of yogic philosophy and practice, here stories which outline the purpose of individual reality, the path of the spirit and realisation of dedicated persons can be uncovered. A library with thousands of manuscripts containing the oldest teachings known to man, dialogues, books and didactic instructions to assist towards a fully realised spiritual life. Anandasura teaches, that if we remember our innate qualities are by the grace of Ishwara, we too can become the initiators of global change, peace, prosperity and preserved consciousness once applied to the path. Our journeys begin at Svadhyaya (a Sanskrit term which means self-study and especially the recitation of the Vedas and other sacred texts. It is also a broader concept with several meanings. In various schools of Hinduism, Svadhyaya is a Niyama (virtuous observance) connoting introspection and "study of self".), and leads us to Samadhi (a state of profound and utterly absorptive contemplation of the Absolute that is undisturbed by desire, anger, or any other ego-generated thought or emotion. It is a state of joyful calm, or even of rapture and beatitude, in which one maintains one's full mental alertness and acuity.) the road is a splendid  garden of renewal.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 1.59.41 PM.png or The Divine Life Society is a fulfilling source for advancement on the path of Brahmacharya, (typically translated as “going after Brahman” or “behavior that leads to Brahman,” with Brahman being the Divine creator, or higher Self, in Hinduism and yoga. It is often associated with celibacy. The Sanskrit term is derived from Brahman, meaning “Ultimate Reality” or “Divine Creator,” and charya, meaning “to move” or “to follow.” Brahmacharya is also frequently translated as “right use of energy.”)

aspirants may find their practice in continence making considerable progress through the teachings of Sri Swami Sivananda.

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