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"I prostrate myself before the spirit,
the guardian and counsellor of my heart,
having appeased that infinite light,
I stand and greet the Sun, realising that I am he."

There is no use fighting the innate urge to understand something, we must be brave. If we set the intention to know yoga, and have it become a part of us, then we must endeavour to become a part of it. That is the lesson.


In the morning we exit our homes in a direction. We all have somewhere to go in a hurry. This system that we've integrated into our minds we call a routine. This routine is the compass for life. So we can ask ourselves, how healthy is this compass of ours? Do we have expectations? Did we clean and clear ourselves and our space before we left? Have we uttered a word in kindness yet? Are our intentions for the day internally met?  


We see the universe and all its images, and we have painted a unique path for ourselves. We fancy ourselves one of those images. We apply all of our energy to the acquisition of our deepest desire, but have we done the labour of love that sets our path straight? Have we set our routine to honour our vision? Is all that we aspire to grasp beyond our reach? Will our universe conspire with us to obtain the aspects which inspire us?



Yoga is not mere philosophy, we must activate our intention to become Vigour incarnate. Yoga is like any trade at first. We have to be in it to earn it. If we show ourselves what yoga we wish to accomplish, we create a vision, with that vision we can establish an intention, with the two, we must act upon the grounding we have laid out, and execute our drishti, focus. Just as there is no house without a floor plan, no aeroplane without a schematic, there shall be no liberation without sadhana disciplined, dedicated practice. If we are dedicated to the Vision, and to the Intention. We need only arrive like a warrior to execute our destiny.

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