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Everything outside uS

comes from within us.

Yoga is the preservation of the immortal self, taught with sincerity to a wandering mind

Yoga my contour, I being the light and the dark therefore

starry space I implore, align my heart wherefore I am pure
my very core, knotted like a brambled metaphore

ready to climb this highest of mountains, i endure

To my highest self, I reassure, devoting my consciousness evermore

yoga classe kendal

"I am a transient yogi, such are the times, such is man's undying spirit, therefore I find myself at the feet of those that wish to wash them, and steadily then, I teach the yoga that washes feet of all karma"

The practice of yoga is the unity of breath, body and mind. Making these connections, and combining them with fluid movements and a consistent meditation brings life to self-awareness, where we can let go of old, unhelpful patterns that divide and afflict us, so we can heal, and grow toward a unified consciousness in perfect balance.

My yoga class is more than a series of positions. With the symbiosis of the physical and metaphysical, Yoga enables evolution of the spirit, that can mean very little to someone that wishes to deal with a present physical issue, but let me remind all, that they are indeed related. Stretching our bodies is only the beginning, we broaden the capacity of our consciousness, because we are plowing that soil to become fertile enough to engage with the peace we remember in the womb of consciousness, augment a positive mind and lifestyle, and be patient above all.

I have hosted an array of classes, but Studio-orientated yogi's have not yet started a real journey inward, my brand of teaching will certify one's development into a competent and self-preserving warrior, rich with an understanding of why we're here and what we are meant to do.

lex gemini yoga

Self-Connection: by Anandasura

In life its easy to lose the way, become distracted about what the way should be, is it a career, is it a house? is it marriage? 


My teachings will show you that none of this is more important than a basis and foundation within one's own consciousness. Fear, distraction & misconception are enemies of the yogi, they grow strong when the seeker is weary, no-one will build a successful career, house or marriage without the vital knowledge of the self.

This new age wants you to stay in front of your device. Imagine the worst pain imaginable, that's what process one should count on, if we do not manage our bodies correctly. Forget that equipment, one can't prepare for their death by sitting down, the body is a mechanism, a vehicle, much like that device, it must  charge just the same, it needs to eradicate a slow and masterfully malignant decaying system. We have to generate the energy that will run this machine adequately enough to perform the feats that inspire us while we are capable. The human body can achieve anything when we set the correct starting point. 

First we will get over the internal negative drone that has been beaten into us over years of advertising, fake media, division and conditioning, once we are set on defeating that hell, we can embark on the permeation of an everlasting joyfulness that knows no boundaries, no borders, no limitations and no hesitation. By accepting that the ego must comply with the spirits right knowledge of neutrality in a context that is empowering, and all becomes magically possible.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Your Yoga journey begins with  a 'me-first' self-centering that will no longer enslave the heart, but free it, and I too ruthlessly follow this tenet.

There are those that pay and believe they can get anything they want, and those that cannot pay, but will not understand what they have not paid for. As a teacher of pure yoga, I tell you, money is connected to an old system unwelcome in my world. That old system has no sway in any true yoga, if the spirit to grow is so severely lacking there won't ever be enough invested anyway regardless of the money. So lets skip the pretense. Being completely honest with oneself is a prerequisite. Yoga is not being sold on this website. Yoga is being taught sincerely to a wandering mind.

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