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Everything outside uS

comes from within us.

Yoga is the preservation of the immortal self, taught with sincerity to a wandering mind

Yoga my contour, I being the light and the dark therefore

starry space I implore, align my heart wherefore I am pure
my very core, knotted like a brambled metaphore

ready to climb this highest of mountains, i endure

To my highest self, I reassure, devoting my consciousness evermore

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Online Yoga, and Classes in Ayr, South Ayrshire. Yoga with -Anandasura.

The practice of yoga is the unity of breath, body and mind. Making these connections with fluid movements and meditation gives life to a self-awareness from which we can let go of old, unhelpful patterns that divide and afflict us, so we can heal, and grow toward a unified consciousness in perfect balance.

In Anandasura's class we are aware that yoga is more than a series of positions. With the symbiosis of the physical and metaphysical, Yoga enables evolution of the spirit. Stretching our bodies is only the beginning, we broaden the capacity of our consciousness, because we are weeding that soil to become fertile enough to engage with peace, positivity and progression in our current lifestyle.

Learn about the individual yoga classes available to you with Anandasura, classes in Ayr and Prestwick, the experiences offered and the schedule which suits yours.

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Connection and Community:

Find Your Way on the path of Yoga with Anandasura ONLINE or in South Ayrshire.

Join Anandasura on ZOOM for hosted classes online or outdoors to suit your schedule and the levels you're comfortable with on your yoga journey. If you live in Prestwick, Ayr or surrounding areas, Anandasura can be found conducting yoga with the scenic backdrops available in gardens and parks accross the Southern Ayrshire Map, so drop in. Outdoor Yoga classes are not only available, but recommended, space being of the utmost importance, Anandasura has your needs covered throughout Prestwick, Ayr, Troon & as far as Girvan, South Ayrshire. Open to beginners so that they may learn and understand the spiritual meaning of yoga alongside the physical aspect of yoga movements as well as those having a firmer yoga regimen in place for daily yoga practice.  

Anandasura features in Ayr through yoga events unearthing alignment and sequence transitions, and workshops to welcome our veteran yoga practitioners for intermediate and advanced yoga performance classes that develop spirit form as well, thanks to Anandasura's consistent efforts to engage the whole community.

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Take Your Next Step with Anandasura

Every journey begins with the very first step. Students of Anandasura find a community for all walks of life through all stages of the yoga journey. Some have felt the fluid and freeing effects of yoga for years, whilst others are only weeks into their new world of physical and mental wellness. Wherever you are, and whoever you are; whether you wish to begin or to continue your yoga journey to mindful living, get in touch to make a booking or to find out more.